Q. What information will I need to bring to the interview?

A. You will need to bring:

  • Proof of NI (National Insurance)
  • Both Parts of Licence (Drivers)
  • Proof of CPC Training (Drivers)
  • Bank Details
  • Passport / Full Birth Certificate
  • CV (where possible)
  • Reference Details


Q. Do I have to make an appointment?

A. Yes, TRS is strictly by appointment only


Q. How do you make your money?

A. A separate invoice rate is charged to our clients with a premium for our services. We are constantly scanning the marketplace and analysis our competitors in order for our service to remain competitive and subsequently offer value for money


Q. Can you be contacted outside of hours?

A. Yes, we can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be given full details upon registration


Q. When are we paid?

You will be paid a week in arrears direct into your bank account on a weekly basis


Q. Do you check references?

Yes, we like to know who we are sending out to our clients. Our candidates are representatives of TRS, so it is imperative that we do check references.


Q. How do you recruit staff?

We use the media, various internet job sites as well as our own website, but mainly through word of mouth. TRS have built up an excellent reputation within the local recruitment industry.


Q. How soon will I be offered employment?

A. Once you have completed the required registration documents in full and to our satisfaction, we will check your references and be able to offer suitable employment within 24 hours.